Drilling Services


  • Test Holes/Wells, Thermal Conductivity Testing and Analysis.

  • Commercial Installations Including Vertical Drilling, Horizontal Slinkies, and Pond Loops.

  • Air Rotary and Mud Rotary Drilling Techniques.

  • Installation of Geothermal Loops (0.75 to 1.5 in. with Integrated U-Bends).

  • Grout (Thermal Conductivities From 0.8 to 1.3 Btu/W-ft-°F).

  • Fusion of Geothermal HDPE Header Piping, Connecting Wells and Main Piping into Buildings.

  • Installation of HDPE or Concrete Geothermal Vaults.

  • Excavating and Backfilling of Horizontal Trenches With Widths, Depths, and Materials as Specified.

  • Flushing , Purging and Pressure Testing of Piping System.

  • Anti-Freeze Fill as Specified.



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