Direct Push Technology

PRT System

  • Performed Above the Water Table ( in the Vadose Zone).

  • Increases Speed and Accuracy of Soil Gas Sampling. 

  • Eliminates Problems Associated with Rod Leakage and Sample Carryover.

  • Utilizes Simple Design for Ease of Use and Vacuum-Tight Probing.

  • Sampling Train and all Connections can be Checked to Verify Leak-Free Status.

  • Requires No Management of Inner Tubing During Probing.

  • Rapidly Defines the Extent of VOC Contamination in the Subsurface, Under Appropriate Conditions.

  • Rapidly Defines Potential Source Areas of VOC Contamination Over Large or Small Areas.

  • Determines the Types of VOC Contamination Present in the Subsurface at a Facility.

  • Rapidly Defines the Potential Extent of Groundwater Contamination and Down Gradient Migration of VOC's Under Appropriate Conditions.

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